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Cleaning Services

Zipline Cleaning LLC tends to all of your household needs, including commercial cleaning, Air BNB, residential, post construction, and move-in/move-out cleanings. There is no job that we cannot handle. You may reach out to us for a free quote, pricing varies due to the size of the household and or business. 


Our Services

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Commerical Cleaning

Zipline Cleaning knows how important it is to maintain a business. Zipline is here to perform all of your cleaning needs.

Zipline Cleaning cleans the following: 

Laundry mats, barbershops, hair salons, beauty spas, clothing stores, stores, shoe stores, offices, office suites, realty offices, medical offices, schools, daycares, dealerships, veterinary, etc. 

If your establishment is not listed please call to inquire! There is no establishment that we do not tend to. 

Residential Cleaning 

Zipline Cleaning does once a week, twice a week, every other week, one a month cleaning services for residents. Our goal is to assist you with all your cleaning needs and to free your spare time of any household duties. 



Do you rent your property? Are you an Air BNB renter? We will clean you Air BNB! 

We will put away any dishes. Wash all linens with in house washer and dryer. Make beds. A thorough wash of the toilets, showers, and bathtubs, sinks, backsplashes. Emptying all trash and recycling cans. Sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. Wiping down counters and high-touch surfaces such as door handles and light switches, fluff couches and disinfect all touchable areas and accessories. 

Prices very due to size of property. 

Please contact us today for a free quote!


Zipline Cleaning understands that moving into a new home is a very big moment for individuals/families. We love to prepare your home for move-out/move ins. Comfort is everything and quality is of the essence. 

Includes vacuum /mop of all rooms, deep clean of kitchen, wiping off countertops, grout cleaning at request, backsplashes, dusting, microwave clean-out, stovetop cleaning, and oven cleaning depending on if the residence is furnished with Appliances listed. All aspects of kitchen.  Baseboards cleaning, threshold/molding, door cleaning (entire home), ceiling lights/fan cleaning. All bedrooms, bathrooms, scrub shower and tubs, toilets, sink =s and light fixtures, etc. Clean hallways and living rooms. Disinfect all touchable accessories and areas. Landscaping is not included. Additional fees may be applied for any decluttering or leftover items in the residence or any other duties not listed above. 

If there are any services that you are in need of please inquire about any additional tasks that are not listed above. We are limited to the tasks listed.

How much does this service cost?

Contact Zipline Cleaning for a free quote, prices vary due to the size of home and rooms.  

Post Construction Cleaning

Is there a new establishment being built? Did you build an addition to your home? Are you having trouble finding a cleaning service that will provide you a good price for post construction cleaning?

Zipline cleaning can provide you with professional cleaning and trust to keep your environment safe!

Contact Zipline Cleaning and we will provide you with a free quote!

Special Event Cleaning

Are you having a party? Do you own a venue?

Zipline Cleaning will clean your venue or party location. The price depends on size, and clients cleaning requests.  

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